Welcome to Heidi’s Kitchen! My name is Heidi and I grew up if not cooking food than at least thinking about it. I have Belgian/Austrian roots and am nowadays home in Great Britain. Which is convenient because I work for an airline and can easily pop over to either of those countries to meet friends and family or go hiking in the mountains any time.

I grew up in Antwerp in Belgium which is a melting pot of different cultures. Recently we were visiting the ‘Marche Des Arabes’ (the market of the Arab people) on a Saturday morning. My companion was wondering as to what it is that makes all these people of different origins and beliefs clearly get on so well? I have giving this question great thought and came to the conclusion that it has to be the food. It is the one thing that is constantly on our minds.. Different roots just mean different recipes we could be trying out. We throw a lot of dinner parties always looking out for time shared, laughter and exchanging ideas. People read books and visit exhibits or go to see the latest film just to gather conversation topics.. Bumping into a neighbour in the hallway you often find yourself talking about this or that that you made recently..

I grew up cooking with my mom Our weekly menus depended on what was in season and what we would find on our local market in Antwerp. Those weekends were sheer bliss. The walk was far and in the winter it was very cold but I would love seeing all the food displayed, the shouting of the vendors, the tasting of produce and figuring out with mom the dinners we were going to cook in the upcoming week. To extend the seasons my mom would spend whole saturday afternoons vacuum packing the vegetables for our freezer.. What a treasure trove that freezer was! And such happy memories..

I believe in our modern society, where everyone seems short of time, we have lost our seasonality. The shops offer produce from all over the world and this at very odd times. Hence the fruit and vegetables are picked before they are ripe and often remain tasteless when they arrive in our kitchens. A lot of us work long days and have no time to cook at home in the evenings because we think it is going to take to long.. I am going to help you and share healthy, simple and often quick to make recipes that will save you money and illicit great pleasure.